how to join Hillcrest UMC
We hold membership classes whenever we have people interested in learning about our church and the United Methodist beliefs. We teach about the traditional United Methodist values as the foundations for our faith decisions and commitments. We believe that there will be differences of opinions among us but that we can be community and work together toward common goals as we learn about and accept our differences.

Do I have to go to classes to join Hillcrest? 
The only prerequisite for joining our church is your belief in Jesus Christ. We hope, however, that you will want to grow in your faith and will get involved in some of our ministries. We really do want to provide opportunities to help you grow in your relationship with Christ!

I’m not Methodist, can I still join Hillcrest?
Absolutely! There are many similarities in most mainstream Christian religions. We focus on those similarities instead of the differences. If you have been baptized, we accept your baptism and your belief in Jesus Christ and will warmly welcome you.

I have not been baptized … 
If you would like to be baptized but have hesitated because you don’t want to be baptized at the front of the church, we completely understand! We invite our adults to be baptized publicly or privately. If you believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Savior, we will perform your Baptism. There are no classes necessary.

Call the Pastor at (952) 881-8601 for more information.